Dates Wid Lyf ….

वक्त की कैद में ज़िन्दगी है मगर .. 
चंद घड़ियाँ यही हैं जो आज़ाद हैं .. 
इनको खो कर मेरे जान-ए-जाँ .. 
उम्र भर न तरसते रहो ..
Hats off to the poet… this one is just an attempt to sing his words, in my tune …

Don’t just go tonight.. 


Sit by my side 

The melancholy scares  

I shall die,  

Shall, you, say you’re leaving 

So just lie, 

That, you would not 

Don’t just go tonight 



Am I so wrong… to stop you 

To just ask you to stay 

I grow cold… and numb 

As you get up… to just go away. 

If not for me, for you 

Listen to my plead tonight 

Don’t just go tonight…



Life is in the clutches of time 

But dear, 

Some moments that are free 

Are just here 

Don’t lose them,  

Yearn for them, you might 

Don’t just go tonight…


{September 9, 2008}   They sure have a name for this….



I smile in solitude..

Speak not a(the) word..

Toss sleeplessly, the night long

Wake up, with the humming, unheard..


I ask the mirror

If I am beautiful indeed

Can, that, he love to stare 

I talk to myself

To see if …can hold

In his  eyes, the glare..


I err a hundred times

Trying not to, any

I act often too stupid

Issues sublte, yet many


I fail to hold 

The unconscious smile

When he’s around

When distant

I lay cold

Muffled with stillness, unbound


I hate to believe he’s wrong

He can never be

Cherish even the anger

Sweet in fancy


It isn’t just a whim

Nor as plain a bliss

….I know not what they call it ..

….But, they sure have a name for this…

et cetera