Dates Wid Lyf ….

{January 7, 2011}   From the office :)

Blogger is blocked… wordpress is not 🙂 yay !!!

My chair is reclinable.. wanna sleep…

I have two monitors.. (i m using it efficiently 😛 )

there’s an awsm internal chat-app.. .. tht makes offc a collg 😛

A baseless fight last night.. n a sleepless night… the kiddish feeling next morning …. lovely 🙂

An envelop below my desk.. priceless 🙂

A friend’s secrets caught.. happy.. excited… and very very happy .. and also yes that sense of achievement when he asks u to keep it secret 😛 😛

A friend has work… jealous.. 😐

A friend is worried…. want to, but cant seem to help… helpless…

and me blogging from offc .. wierd…

latest… my headphone not plugged properly n playlist in full volume turns on.. n all start to wonder where the sound cuming frm… still dunn understand how it happenned n switch off the phone n tht takes 20 seconds.. all still in wonder… haha……….. thats stupid.. 😛 😛 … then getting complmnts on bchat fr the song 😀 .. amazing !!!


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