Dates Wid Lyf ….

{April 27, 2008}   The Restaurants So Dark….

When she was 16 ……….just an appreciation…. an innocent appreciation…. the shortest one… 🙂






The hungry tummy kept bubbling for dinner

Eyes, staring at the light in dark, go yet thinner

Scrolling through every table, waiting for its order

…A pair of wandering eyes, struck against another…

…Felt some food, for the hungry heart rather…


They meant no reply, nothing strange

But the eyes stood still, a face’s range

The food on the table was no more feast

Its tempting aroma, bothered the least


Seconds were years, so they sat for an age

Didn’t know what would come next, yet loved to gaze

A fascination, a charm, a sudden craze


Finished up, washed, wiped and stood

Walked to the door, but wait for a second, they could


Turned, looked, for once and last

Rapt still… yet ran … to evade the past


But still in solace, when they shut themselves

Dream’s wagon, at them does park…

Remember not a look, & so they curse…….

Who the hell made the restaurants so dark !!!!




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